Yoga means union. Our classes have a theme to help connect heart and mind to physical movement of the body.  Poses are structured around specific bio-mechanic alignment principles to ensure safe and optimal expression in each pose.


Yoga Experience Recommended but not necessary. Suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement”, and Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Breath led movement to music, focused on the present moment. Vinyasa yoga are steady flowing, invigorating and creative sequence of yoga poses, designed to create internal heat with an attention to alignment and breath. Teachers will provide gentle or dynamic and challenging options and sequencing of poses. Poses includes sun salutations, inversions, back bends and peak poses.

Among its many benefits, this class helps improve numerous aspects of your life including reaction time and short term memory. Those who have tried this practice have described feeling more relaxed and less distracted by their fleeting thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to solve problems and recall information better.


Level – Beginners to Experienced

Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga allows beginners (and more experienced yoga practitioners) to create their own synchronized dance, while learning poses and how to move, breathe, and stretch between poses. Slow flow brings the element of time into the practice.  The student has time to evaluate how and when a pose should to be modified, due to physical limitations or limitations in experience. The student also has the time to mentally engage with the body, as they move through a series.  The mind and body connection is one of the main goals when practicing all forms of Yoga. Slow Flow Vinyasa is a wonderful practice in discovering one’s personal limitations and learning how to move past those limitations.

Slow Flow Vinyasa is not restricted to beginners or those with physical limitations. All levels of Yoga students can find their personal challenges, as they slowly and mindfully move through a series. The pace may be slower, but challenges will be present with difficulties to work through. Even the most advanced Yoga student has much to learn within the reflective pace of Slow Flow Vinyasa.  Poses can be refined and strengthened, without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose. Slow Flow allows a person to become familiar with their body, create a reflective pause, and create the time to go inward. Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga is a therapeutic dance of moving meditation.


Level – Beginners to Experienced

We offer 2 Styles of Yin yoga  – Restorative Yin Classes which a very gentle yin class and Deep Yin Classes with Adjustments where the teachers would provide adjustments to the students to help them get into the poses with greater emphasis on stretch and increasing flexibility. 


Restorative yoga seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. It is similar to Yin Yoga but with longer held poses. Props may also be used to make it easier for you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body. While some restorative yoga poses are beneficial to the entire body, others target specific parts of the body, such as the heart or the lungs. Restorative yoga provides healing for the body and the mind. It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. It is known that restorative yoga can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which enables automatic control of the body. As such, the regular nervous system will be at rest, and the muscles will become more relaxed. A regular practice of restorative yoga will make your body less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses and help you achieve optimal health.